Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

  • Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Performance Muffler

    Performance mufflers were designed with race cars, hot rods and street cars in mind. Typically, they are high quality mufflers that give these special cars some of the qualities their owners seek. Whether or not you own any sort of sport or muscle car, you can purchase and install a performance muffler on your vehicle too. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a performance muffler the next time you are in the market for a new muffler.

  • Two Motorcycle Tire Care Tips To Remember

    Practicing motorcycle safety is an integral part of being a good rider. While safety practices often focus on riding techniques, the way you care and maintain your bike is also important, particularly when it comes to your tires. Educating yourself on a couple of the fundamental practices of proper tire care can assist with keeping you safe on the road.   Be Mindful Of Passenger Or Cargo Weight It's common knowledge that motorcycle tires have inflation guidelines.

  • 3 Ways You Can Save On Fuel Usage

    Most people would love to save money on their fuel costs. Outside of the most obvious suggestions, such as switching to a hybrid car, there are other ways you can improve your fuel economy and keep more money in your pocket. Here are some tips to help you get better mileage out of your fuel. Use the More Fuel Efficient Car According to one study, American households have an average of 2.

  • Buying Used Auto Parts On A Budget: How A Salvage Yard Can Save You Money

    When your vehicle breaks down and you need to replace parts, you can feel strapped to get your vehicle back in running condition when you don't have a large budget. Buying new parts for your auto can be expensive, but you need them in order to safely operate your vehicle. Many people turn to salvage yards for their used auto parts for many reasons. Learn a few of them here, so you can get your vehicle back to running condition without going broke.

  • Learn How To Spot The Signs Your Brake Pads Are Worn

    When it comes to safety features, your vehicle's braking system easily sits atop the list of most important. Without a properly functioning brake system, your vehicle will be unable to stop, placing your safety and other motorist on the road at an extreme risk. A critical component of this system are brake pads. In the simplest of terms, brake pads provide friction to the rotors to slowly stop your vehicle. When your pads are worn, stopping becomes more difficult.

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Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Hi everyone, my name is Lee Flounce. I am crazy about rebuilding engines in my spare time. The process of breaking down a combustion engine to find the damaged parts waiting inside definitely intrigues me. I carefully remove each part and place it on a piece of cardboard for a close inspection. Once the engine is broken into its individual components, I take some of the parts to the machine shop and clean others at home. I order all of the seals, gaskets and internal components in need of replacement and wait for my parts to return from the machine shop. Once I have everything I need, I rebuild the engine using the torque specs for all of the nuts and bolts. I would like to explore all of the parts and practices employed in this process through my website, as it differs slightly from engine to engine.