Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

  • Parts Falling Out From Underneath Your Car As You Drive Down The Road? Why You May Need Them For Car Repairs

    Driving down the road, the last thing you expect is to hear and see parts falling off and falling out from underneath your vehicle. It is a bit of a weird sight, seeing parts flying and rolling out behind you. If you can, stop and grab these parts, and then take them (and your car) to a car repair shop. Here is why you may need those parts that seemingly dropped off your car with little warning.

  • Timing Chains vs. Timing Belts and Why They Matter

    Timing belts or timing chains are a feature of all modern vehicle combustion engines. The purpose of the belt or chain in your engine is to control the rotation of the camshaft, which in turn controls the valves, which are responsible for allowing fuel to enter the combustion chamber and exhaust gases to exit. It's possible that this isn't a component that you have given much thought, but without it, your car would not be going anywhere.

About Me

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Hi everyone, my name is Lee Flounce. I am crazy about rebuilding engines in my spare time. The process of breaking down a combustion engine to find the damaged parts waiting inside definitely intrigues me. I carefully remove each part and place it on a piece of cardboard for a close inspection. Once the engine is broken into its individual components, I take some of the parts to the machine shop and clean others at home. I order all of the seals, gaskets and internal components in need of replacement and wait for my parts to return from the machine shop. Once I have everything I need, I rebuild the engine using the torque specs for all of the nuts and bolts. I would like to explore all of the parts and practices employed in this process through my website, as it differs slightly from engine to engine.