Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Learn How To Spot The Signs Your Brake Pads Are Worn

by Rosa Wallace

When it comes to safety features, your vehicle's braking system easily sits atop the list of most important. Without a properly functioning brake system, your vehicle will be unable to stop, placing your safety and other motorist on the road at an extreme risk. A critical component of this system are brake pads. In the simplest of terms, brake pads provide friction to the rotors to slowly stop your vehicle. When your pads are worn, stopping becomes more difficult. Knowing how to recognize the signs that your pads are worn is very important.

Inspect the Wheels

It doesn't matter how expensive the brake pads are you have installed, all brake pads will produce some amount of brake dust. Brake dust is the result of the iron parts of your rotors and pads making contact with one another. Make it a point to look over your wheels once a month to look for signs of dust.

Signs of brake dust is a good thing. If you begin to notice the amount of brake dust accumulation is decreasing or there isn't any dust at all, this means that your pads are worn. This should signal you to have your brakes inspected.

Driving Conditions

Paying attention to the feel of your vehicle when you are driving can also offer an indication as to the condition of your brake pads. If you notice a feeling of vibration when applying your foot to the brakes, this is a problem. Pads in good condition are smooth. When the rotors and pads make contact, you shouldn't feel it.

Worn pads start to develop uneven spots and deep grooves. The vibration you feel is the rotor rubbing up against the uneven pad surface. If you are experiencing this feeling, it's imperative that you have your pads replaced as braking will only become more and more difficult.

Replacing your Pads

When you notice your pads are worn, make replacing them a priority. As a helpful tip, unlike some other parts on your vehicle, you do not have to purchase new pads from a dealership. You can purchase your pads from any retailer that is offering you the best price, including Lindale Auto Parts, and take them in to any repair technician to have them installed. This tip can save you a great deal of money over the life of your vehicle.

Don't ignore the signs that your vehicle is in need of new brake pads. Your safety and the safety of your passengers could depend on it.


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Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

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