Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Performance Muffler

by Rosa Wallace

Performance mufflers were designed with race cars, hot rods and street cars in mind. Typically, they are high quality mufflers that give these special cars some of the qualities their owners seek. Whether or not you own any sort of sport or muscle car, you can purchase and install a performance muffler on your vehicle too. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a performance muffler the next time you are in the market for a new muffler.

Performance Mufflers Provide the Level of Sound You Want Without Engine Alterations

Some car enthusiasts tinker with their cars' inner engine components to get that revving sound they crave. The only problem is that when you mess with how an engine functions, you will eventually cause the engine's failure or cause enough damage that the repairs will exceed the engine's value. Instead of tinkering with the engine to get that muscle car or hot rod sound, you can just purchase a performance muffler, like Flowmaster performance mufflers, which have multiple options for multi-chamber mufflers. The more chambers inside the muffler, the more "walls" there are for the sound waves to bounce off of before the smoke exits, creating that rattling sound you crave.

Straight-through, glass pack mufflers provide the loudest sound because there is little to stop the sound waves. A middle-of-the-road style of performance muffler deadens both the loudness of sound and the reverberations, creating a quieter and less vibrating exhaust sound. Really, you can create any sort of sound on your vehicle you want using a performance muffler over the standard muffler your vehicle originally came with.

Performance Mufflers Produce Cleaner Exhaust

Performance mufflers are designed to provide race car sound but with earth-friendly exhaust. Many makes and models of performance mufflers "scrub" the exhaust before it finally exits the tailpipe, making the fumes less harmful to the environment. This is especially useful if your vehicle runs on diesel, since diesel vehicles tend to spit a little extra toxic exhaust out.

Performance Mufflers Are a Higher Quality of Muffler

A lot more effort goes into the design, material quality and manufacture of a performance muffler because they are made to appeal to a specific cross-section of the population. Unless you buy a vehicle that is a used trade-in at a dealership, you probably will not find performance mufflers as standard or even premium equipment on vehicles because of the level of quality and the price. Many of these mufflers are made from anti-corrosive, anti-rust materials, ensuring that your performance muffler has a very long life.Contact a local muffler shop, like Quality Discount Mufflers, for more information.


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Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

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