Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

  • Buying Used Auto Parts On A Budget: How A Salvage Yard Can Save You Money

    When your vehicle breaks down and you need to replace parts, you can feel strapped to get your vehicle back in running condition when you don't have a large budget. Buying new parts for your auto can be expensive, but you need them in order to safely operate your vehicle. Many people turn to salvage yards for their used auto parts for many reasons. Learn a few of them here, so you can get your vehicle back to running condition without going broke.

  • Learn How To Spot The Signs Your Brake Pads Are Worn

    When it comes to safety features, your vehicle's braking system easily sits atop the list of most important. Without a properly functioning brake system, your vehicle will be unable to stop, placing your safety and other motorist on the road at an extreme risk. A critical component of this system are brake pads. In the simplest of terms, brake pads provide friction to the rotors to slowly stop your vehicle. When your pads are worn, stopping becomes more difficult.

  • Investing In A Comprehensive Suspension Lift: Things To Consider For Safety

    If you've been evaluating options to personalize your truck or sport utility vehicle, you might find yourself considering a suspension lift. The suspension lift will increase the ride height and ground clearance for your vehicle. If you've been thinking about installing your first suspension lift, here are a few things that you'll want to take into account to ensure that you are making the right choice for your needs. Center of Gravity Change

  • Bring Your Classic Truck Into The 21st Century With These 3 Aftermarket Parts

    Classic trucks are fun to own, but they lack some modern conveniences. Purists may say that a classic car or truck should be kept in its original condition. If you drive a truck that is more than 20 years old, though, why shouldn't you upgrade it with a few modern gadgets? Here are three aftermarket parts that will bring your classic truck into the 21st century and make driving it more convenient.

  • Exposing Myths About Transmission Repairs

    Your car's transmission is essential for operating the vehicle without ruining the engine. Unfortunately, this component can develop any number of mechanical or computer problems, and these issues can cause your car to be inoperable until they are repaired. Sadly, many car owners may not have experience with getting a transmission repaired, and this may cause them to believe two misconceptions about this process that can cause them to make critical mistakes when they visit the mechanic:

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    Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

    Hi everyone, my name is Lee Flounce. I am crazy about rebuilding engines in my spare time. The process of breaking down a combustion engine to find the damaged parts waiting inside definitely intrigues me. I carefully remove each part and place it on a piece of cardboard for a close inspection. Once the engine is broken into its individual components, I take some of the parts to the machine shop and clean others at home. I order all of the seals, gaskets and internal components in need of replacement and wait for my parts to return from the machine shop. Once I have everything I need, I rebuild the engine using the torque specs for all of the nuts and bolts. I would like to explore all of the parts and practices employed in this process through my website, as it differs slightly from engine to engine.