Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Regain Some Of Your Engine's Power With Aftermarket Exhaust Pipes

by Rosa Wallace

If you're looking to increase your vehicle's performance power, aftermarket exhaust pipes can help. Factory manufactured exhausts pipes are designed to minimize, or muffle, much of the sound produced by the vehicle. Unfortunately, this process also reduces the rate at which gasses from the exhaust are able to flow out of the engine, creating a back pressure that ultimately minimizes a portion of the engine's power.

Getting Your Engine's Power Back

A leading reason vehicle manufacturers muffle this area is to keep sound levels lower. The average buyer isn't necessarily looking for a vehicle that is on the louder side so the back pressure can actually make the vehicle more appealing to buyers.

This process doesn't have anything to do with a mechanical issue that is necessary for keeping the exhaust or engine in good condition. For this reason, you can purchase aftermarket exhaust pipes that can help minimize back pressure, help you get back some of your engine's power, and improve the performance of your engine without fear of harming your vehicle.

Choosing The Right Exhaust Pipes

In order to regain some of your engine's power, you need to ensure that you are choosing the right aftermarket pipes. In many cases, accomplishing this goal begins with choosing a pipe that has been designed in the right fashion. The average factory installed exhaust comes equipped with an exhaust pipe that is designed with a crush bending technique. Crush bending is simply a process in which the exhaust pipe is crushed to form its bend.

When choosing an aftermarket solution, you don't want to choose a pipe designed in this fashion. You want a pipe designed in a mandrel bending style. Mandrel bending is a process in which a flexible rod is inserted inside the exhaust pipe. When the pipe goes through the bending process, the inserted rod prevents the inside surface of the pipe from kinking or collapsing. Imperfections along the interior surface of the exhaust pipe actually minimize its diameter and its performance, which has a negative effect on the performance of the engine, so choose appropriately.

When purchasing your aftermarket parts, it's best to buy from a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer won't just ensure that you are paired with a high-quality part designed for your vehicle, but a retailer can also help point you in the direction of other exhaust components that can further assist you with regaining your engine's full power.  

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Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

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