Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Bring Your Classic Truck Into The 21st Century With These 3 Aftermarket Parts

by Rosa Wallace

Classic trucks are fun to own, but they lack some modern conveniences. Purists may say that a classic car or truck should be kept in its original condition. If you drive a truck that is more than 20 years old, though, why shouldn't you upgrade it with a few modern gadgets? Here are three aftermarket parts that will bring your classic truck into the 21st century and make driving it more convenient.

A Custom Stereo

Stereos have progressed a lot since your truck was manufactured. Aftermarket stereos provide higher-quality sound than radios from the 1980s and early 1990s, not to mention those made before even earlier. Today's stereos can also play CDs and come with audio jacks.

Unless you still only listen to the radio and records, you should upgrade your truck's stereo to one that can accommodate modern ways of playing music.

A Remote Starter

A remote starter lets you warm up your truck, or cool it off if you're in the South, before getting in. Simply press a button from the comfort of your home, and your truck will start up immediately. As long as you left the heat or air conditioning on, whichever is appropriate for the season, its cabin will be comfortable in just a few minutes.

Remote starters usually come with keyless entry, which will make getting into your truck when your hands are full with groceries a lot easier.

An Alarm

Your truck might not have originally come with an alarm, especially if it wasn't the hottest truck on the market when it debuted. Now that it's a classic truck, however, it may be worth more than it first sold for. Criminals may think it's an easy target because it's old but valuable.

Installing an alarm is the best way to protect your classic truck. Displaying a sticker that says your truck has an alarm will deter thieves, and the alarm itself will alert anyone nearby if someone does break into the truck. You can even get an alarm that will track your truck's location using a GPS, in case it is ever stolen.

If you have a classic truck in storage that you're excited to get out when winter is over, have these three gadgets installed on it before warmer temperatures arrive. Installing a custom stereo, remote starter and alarm does not require altering your truck's engine or looks, and they will enhance your driving experience.

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Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

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