Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

Exposing Myths About Transmission Repairs

by Rosa Wallace

Your car's transmission is essential for operating the vehicle without ruining the engine. Unfortunately, this component can develop any number of mechanical or computer problems, and these issues can cause your car to be inoperable until they are repaired.

Sadly, many car owners may not have experience with getting a transmission repaired, and this may cause them to believe two misconceptions about this process that can cause them to make critical mistakes when they visit the mechanic:

Myth: It Is Always Best To Replace A Damaged Transmission With A New One

Many of the parts of a car are easier to simply replace than repair, and this causes some people to assume that the transmission is no different. However, this is not always the case, and there may be instances where it is more cost effective to rebuild the transmission. Yet, rebuilding is an option that many people may not consider. 

When you have the transmission rebuilt, your mechanic will remove it from the vehicle, and completely disassemble it. Any damaged components will be replaced, and the remaining parts will be cleaned and lubricated. While this process can take up to a week to complete, it can be dramatically cheaper than purchasing a new transmission, and that may be more than worth the wait. 

Myth: Rebuilt Transmissions Never Have A Warranty

A common misconception about rebuilt transmissions is that they are unreliable. However, this is not always the case, and it will largely depend on the skill of the mechanic that performed the work. Luckily, this does not mean that you have to go without protection from problems with this type of repair. 

While it is true that your manufacturer will not warranty this type of repair for your car, there are many transmission repair shops will provide a warranty on the craftsmanship of their work. The exact details of the plans can vary dramatically from repair shop to repair shop.

Considering the significant savings this type of protection can provide you, it is vital to make the right choice. As a result, you will need to carefully inspect any warranty information from the shops you are considering using to make an informed decision. 

When you car's transmission experiences a major problem, you can quickly find yourself without a mode of transportation until the problem is addressed. By understanding that a rebuilt transmission may be the most economical way of getting your car running again and that you can find a repair shop that provides a warranty for this type of work, you will be in a stronger position to make the best choice for your situation.

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Exploring Engine Rebuild Parts and Practices

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